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Thai & Betty are typical Taiwan Guys, but still there is a difference. Thai and Betty swear on the Weddingvideo production of X-trem production. The Weddingvideo is one of our most important things of the wedding day, because this weddingvideo is a memory of our most beautiful day in our life. But let me say some words about a Taiwan Wedding Ceremony. For X-trem production this Production was a realy unique Weddingvideo Production (Hochzeitsvideo). We met great couples, saw a lot of emotions and we created memories.   

 Attending a wedding and/or reception in a foreign country is one of the best ways to experience the local culture. This is especially important if couples with different cultural backgrounds are getting married. Incorporating traditions and rituals from one’s home country is a wonderful way to pay homage to your heritage and provide guests with a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding they may not have experienced before. Weddings in Taiwan are a great example of cultural differences and traditions in ceremonies and rituals. Here is an introduction to some of the unique rituals and traditions that you will find at a Taiwanese wedding.   




Wedding Photos   


While many couples partake in engagement photo sessions, it is not entirely common to have your entire wedding photos done prior to the ceremony. In Taiwan, couples usually have a lengthy photo session prior to their wedding date that may include numerous locations. The tradition started almost 30 years ago due to the stress of the wedding day itself and Taiwan’s rather unpredictable weather patterns. Rain is a definite problem and if you marry during typhoon season, your wedding day could be a disaster if you hope to do photos then.   

There are several scenic locations on the North and East coasts that see a number of wedding couples on sunny days. The unique geological rock formations make these areas top picks for couples. Taiwan has become so recognized for wedding photos that many couples from other countries have come to Taiwan just to have wedding photos done.   



Wedding Ceremony Held in Private   

If you receive an invitation for a wedding in Taiwan, take note as it is probably for the reception only. Unless you are close family or a personally invited friend, the ceremony is typically held in private. Guests are invited to a reception to celebrate the marriage of the couple. Ceremonies are typically held on auspicious dates and times as many Chinese and Taiwanese pay close attention to astrology and fortune telling rituals. There is also another traditional ritual that many couples still honor where the groom will come to the bride’s house, where she and her bridesmaids wait. The couple will bow to the bride’s parents as a show of respect and then they head to the groom’s home. At the groom’s home, they pay respect to his ancestors by burning incense as a symbol of a new family member   



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